The RASPBERRY MARTINI - Here's some Razzberries for you Cindy Rae!

Though simple, this is a really great cocktail. I take it up a notch by dipping the fresh raspberries in sugar and freezing them before hand. I also spear them onto martini picks so I don't have to wait to the end of the martini to eat them or dip my finger in to fish them out!

Today I am dedicating The Raspberry Martini to my BFF, my Oldest Friend and one of my most fun friends ever - Cindy Rae.

Cindy was always giving me the "razzberries" one way or another - if she wasn't suddenly floating a wiggling hand in front of my face she was following behind me doing her famous Igor imitation. We have rapped to Sinatra in Vegas, fed French fries to donkeys, partied on Ripple and just generally goofed our way through over 40 years of friendship!

(BTW, Cindy is actually a few months younger than I am, but since I've known her longer than any of my other friends I delight in calling her my "oldest" friend because it's my way of giving her the razzberries!)

Cindy Rae, here's to 40 years of Cruisin' the Freeze. Love ya!

If you have a Martini question, please feel free to ask me in a comment and I'll respond back here in the comments section or in a new post!
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