Updated November 2015

The Recipe for the

A friend brought over a pint of coffee ice cream for dessert last week and left the remainder in my freezer.  I'm not a big coffee ice cream fan BUT I am a fan of iced coffee drinks, especially in the summer.  Of course, you know where I'm going with this - booze was going in that coffee ice cream drink!

By the time I finished I had what was basically an ice cream based mud pie in a my glass - chocolate, Oreo cookies, coffee ice cream and a nice little punch from Kahlua, chocolate and coffee vodka and Bailey's Irish Cream.

My favorite part of this Mississippi Mud Pie Martini had to be the rim - I took some of my French Roast coffee beans, some instant cocoa powder and some sugar and ground them into a rimming powder.  When you lift the glass to your mouth you get this great "nose" of ground coffee wafting up just before you sip - wonderful!

Here's Mississippi Mud Martini in your eye!

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