The Olde Tyme Soda Fountain Comes To Happy Hour

Today is Carbonated Caffeinated Beverage Day.  To me and most of the soda drinking public this means Coke or Pepsi or some favorite cola, which, for some reason (probably branding), my friends, myself and my family all called "cokes".

Once upon a time this syrup and soda combo would have been handed to us from a genuine soda fountain - where the soda met the syrup and bubbly sweetness burst forth in a glass. These days we get it from a bottle or a can or a plastic container but anyway you look at it, you have a carbonated, caffeinated beverage in your hand!

Back in the "olden days" soda jerks (yes, this is what the dispenser of our goodies was called) got creative with what was originally a medicine and added flavored syrups to our soda fountain "cokes".  My favorite of these was cherry though there were also the choices of vanilla, chocolate, lemon and a myriad of others. As a kid who got to experience the real soda fountain treat I have to say that nothing since has come close to the real taste of a soda fountain coke with real cherry syrup added.

Sadly, the bottled or canned versions just aren't the same. Adding cherry juice didn't work and no combination of cola and cherry syrup ever hit the mark of that original cherry coke from the soda fountain, until I did this martini! For some reason the Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum mixed with a canned cola did the trick and my childhood favorite has morphed into a happy hour favorite!

The recipe can't be easier!


3 Oz. Coke (or Pepsi or RC or whatever your favorite cola)
1 Oz. Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum
5  Torched Drunken Cherries
(Bacardi Torched soaked Maraschino Cherries)*
1/4 Oz. Maraschino Cherry Juice

Into a chilled martini glass pour the Maraschino cherry juice, add the Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum, pour in the cola, stir gently then garnish with your Torched Drunken Cherries and enjoy!

*  It's best to soak these overnight but a few hours will do.

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