Margarita Martini to Wish Jimmy Buffett Well

If you're not a Parrothead, aka a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, you may not know that Jimmy Buffett has been hospitalized in Sydney, Australia, for an apparent head injury after falling off the stage at a concert last night.  As of this morning (PST) no news has been issued on his condition and all of us who love his music and enjoy our visits to Margaritaville await word of the man who made the Margarita a way of life.

So, in honor of the man who has given me many hours of fantastic, upbeat music that always took me away to a vacation in paradise I am posting The Margaritaville Martini.

This is the official recipe for a classic Margarita from the IBA (The International Bartender's Association) which calls for a 7:4:3 ration of tequila, triple sec and lime juice.  The classic Margarita is served over ice in an old fashioned glass but most contemporary tastes prefer a frozen (blended) version so I have included those instructions as well.

You can substitute Cointreau for the Triple Sec, add an ounce of Blue Curacao for a Blue Margarita and, of course, there are the fruit versions for the blended or frozen margarita where you add some fresh fruit to the blender.  My favorite of the fruit versions is the Strawberry Margarita because I love strawberries and they add a touch of sweetness to the cocktail that balances the tartness nicely.


Updated 7-2016

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