Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day

June 12th is

Why eat your peanut butter cookie when you can drink it in a martini glass?  The added benefit of drinking your peanut butter cookie? It won't stick to the roof of your mouth!

You also won't have to press a criss-cross pattern across the top, and, just in case you were wondering why it's traditional to put those criss-cross fork marks on a peanut butter cookie, here's two possible explanations:
  • They were put there to distinguish the cookie from others for those with peanut allergies
  • They were simply done in the beginning as an aid to make the cookie bake crisper as well as hold the dough together during baking.
Not that that matters with my Peanut Butter Cookie Martini - unless you're serving it up with peanut butter cookies.  Oh go ahead and indulge, not every day is a peanut butter cookie holiday.

Updated 6-2016

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