Sex, Cities and Martinis - The COSMOPOLITAN

It's "Sex and the City 2" week here at The Martini Diva! To celebrate the release of the second movie installment of the Queens of Diva I am featuring nothing but Sex and the City Martinis all week! Each martini comes on a specially designed recipe card inspired by SATC with a little bit of sexy girl in the city twists for fun! Download all five - one each day this week!

I'm starting the five Sex and the City Martinis off with the Mac-Mommy of them all - Carrie Bradshaw's favorite - The Cosmopolitan. The Cosmo is a classic sour cocktail - a combination of a spirit, some form of sweetener, and the addition of sour, the cranberry juice adds another dimension of tartness and flavor. The classic recipe calls for a dash of orange bitters but the popular version most people enjoy does not. Feel free to add that little dash if you like - I do myself. Please, please, please, use FRESH lime juice - it is essential to this martini.

It's the week to revisit the Cosmopolitan, ladies! To quote the girls:

Charlotte, “This is delicious.”
Miranda, “Why did we ever stop drinking these?”
Carrie, “Because everyone else started.”

The Sex and the City Cosmo is back.

What? Carrie is using an HP?? Yes, evidently the iconic Mac laptop Carrie used throughout the series and the first movie has given way to a - gasp - Hewlett Packard, thanks to a product placement deal. And evidently Carrie and the girls now have a preferred vodka too, Skyy.

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Updated 8-2016

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