While having a nosh at one of my favorite eateries, Prep And Pastry in Tucson, they served some homemade Strawberry Jam with my (delicious) Monte Cristo. I don't usually like strawberry jam but it was homemade so I tried it and got one heck of a surprise when I realized I loved that jam. I loved it so much I specifically mentioned it when the waitress brought the check. I told her it would be great in a cocktail and asked if I could have a couple tablespoons to try it out. When my change came back so did a small carton filled with the jam. In turn I promised Kevin, the owner, I'd post up the cocktail recipe featuring his strawberry jam.
I knew immediately I was going to pair that jam with some premium whiskey in an Old Fashioned. A good Canadian Whiskey would be a great match for the flavor of the strawberries in the jam and the jam was a great way to replace the standard sugar cube and cherries used in a classic, muddled Old Fashioned.
Good thing I love Prep and Pastry because I really liked this cocktail, it was easy to make, bursting with flavor and a great way to change up an Old Fashioned.  I just wish Prep and Pastry was closer so I could mooch some of their strawberry jam more often.
2 Oz. Canadian Whiskey
2 Tsp. Strawberry Jam
2 Dashes Rhubarb Bitters
Garnish: Orange Twist, Strawberry Filled Ice Cubes.
Tools: Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon
Glass: Old Fashioned
Chill glass.
Muddle the strawberry jam in the bottom of the glass with the rhubarb bitters.
Fill glass with strawberry ice cubes.
Add 2 ounces of premium whiskey, stir to chill, garnish and serve.
By the way, if you're in Tucson you definitely want to hit up one of Prep and Pastry's 2 locations. Not only is their food locally sourced and delicious, they are also pretty creative with their cocktails (try one of their fabulous Mimosas) AND, omg, those incredible house pastries!!


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