It's always fun to take a classic cocktail and do a little molecular mixology on it.  Here I've taken the basic ingredients of a Cosmopolitan (fresh line juice, cranberry juice, Cointreau (or Triple Sec), citrus vodka) and turned it into a spoonful of happy hour.

I used the reverse spherification technique on the classic Cosmopolitan ingredients of cranberry juice and citrus vodka then put the Cointreau and lime juice in a little pool in the spoon to float the cocktail sphere in.  Note the little mint leaf I added inside the sphere, not a standard Cosmo ingredient but I wanted something floating in the sphere.

These cocktail spheres are a perfect pairing with an amuse bouche; one bite, one sip to go with the bite. These also are a fun way to give folks a little happy hour giggle and they won't get you drunk either. Well, not unless you have a dozen or so.

National Cosmopolitan Day is May 7th.

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