The CILANTRO MARTINI - No, I'm not kidding!

I am a very big fan of cilantro, I even grow my own I use so much of it. Cilantro is a strong flavor and people either love it or hate it. I've never seen anyone shrug and say they can "take it or leave it" or "leaf" it, pardon my really bad pun.

This martini reminds me a little of a gimlet, the lime is a co-star but, of course, secondary to the cilantro. The muddled cilantro infuses it's aroma and flavor into the mix when blended with the lime juice and sugar in the shaker.

I don't strain my Cilantro Martini at all - I love the little bits of cilantro that float around in the martini visually as well as enjoying those little bits bursting flavor on my palate.

I truly love this martini, I find it a nice change from all the sweet and creamy martinis I like. I even do it in a version with ginger and with dill, but this one remains my favorite.


Updated 2-2017


  1. Another delicious recipe! I'm going to need to restock my vodka supply... and quick! I love cilantro too so will enjoy trying this one out.

  2. I learned after trying sauerkraut cake (which is really chocolatey, moist and yummy) never to pre-judge. So I will have to give this a try. Besides, I'm noted for the fact that I serve out of the ordinary cuisine and drinks at my festivities. A cilantro martini might be just the thing to add to my repetoire!

  3. FEISTY - let me know if you like it! And tell me how you balanced the ginger and the cilantro!

    MELODIEANN - If you like unusual recipes try serving up my Lavender Infused Orange Martini and my Chili Melon Martini too! They're both unusual as well as refreshing and delicious!
    And stayed tuned because I'm going to be creating some herbal and spice based martinis in the near future.


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