Updated November 2015

The recipe for this Pumpkin Cocktail has found a new home at my cocktail database here:

When I first decided to try to create a Thanksgiving martini I was a little challenged. I wanted a cocktail that brought the flavors of the holiday to a martini glass and the first flavor that came to my mind was pumpkin. I loved my mom's pumpkin pie and waited all year for it. Recreating that flavor profile became possible when I found Hiram Walker's Pumpkin Spice liquor. With a little experimentation I found the complementary flavors in the Bailey's and plain vodka. If your mom's pumpkin pie was a bit sweeter just add a dash of vanilla flavoring or use vanilla vodka.

This Pumpkin Pie Martini has the best essence of Mom's pumpkin pie, it's creamy, full of pumpkin flavor and is the exact balance of the spices that she used. The whipped cream with a sprinkle of spices on top gives it a great finish - especially if you use home made whipped cream! If you really want to top it off with some serious flair get some pie dough and bake a small square, crumble it up and rim the glass with pie crust!

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