The Dirty Martini - Classic Gin and Olive Martini

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 Updated December 2015

For all you purists out there who insist a martini is gin and vermouth (or vodka and vermouth for you Vodka Martini drinkers) and not any cocktail in a martini glass (ouch!) here is the classic
Dirty Martini Recipe

For some reason classic martini drinkers will bend enough to admit the Dirty Martini into their exclusive martini club - maybe because the only change is the addition of a little olive brine. I guess that isn't much different than plopping in a very wet olive. . . . .

I also have a version called the Dirty Rotten Bastard Martini which also uses some black olive juice in it and black olives as garnish as well as the standard green - and of course the Dirty Bastard Martini which uses only black olive juice and black olives.

Yeah, spitting olive pits in the eyes of the purists again - I'm a martini rebel.

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