HALLOWEEN MARTINIS & HALLOWEEN PARTY FOOD - Blood & Guts Martini and Cheezy Finger Food!

is a vegetable juice and tomato vodka inspired concoction designed to give you a fiery tongue just in time for October 31st. This is a spicy martini that even has a bite on the rim courtesy of a rimming salt heated up with chili powder.

The blood, of course, comes from the color of the V-8 juice. The guts come in when you drink this hot sauce accented cocktail - and watch out for that jalapeno garnish!

This will add some smoke to your Halloween costume and will keep you nice and warm on a chilly All Hallows Eve:


Updated 10-2016


  1. Blood & Guts Martini, sounds perfect for my upcoming Halloween party. Actually I already have black martini and pomegranate martini on my list, of course vodka martini makes it to my number one list. It's simply everyone's favorite (well at least in my family, it is, lol!). I can't wait for Halloween, we're to use my wine bar for the first time. Hubby just got it last summer. :)

  2. vodka martini - I'm a vodka person myself, though I do occasionally enjoy martinis with other base liquors. Vodka mixes better with more ingredients because of it's neutral flavor.

    Now you have a black, a red and a deep orange martini for your party - all Halloween colors!

    I'm just finishing up my Halloween martini book - too late to publish this year but look for it next year - I should have my Christmas martini book done in time for this year though, lol.


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