JACK O'LANTERN MARTINI - Halloween Martini #10

is Halloween Cocktail #10 of 31 Monstrously Marvelous Martinis
from The Martini Diva

The Jack O'Lantern Martini is one of my most popular Halloween martinis. It's inspired by an Orange Julius which makes it creamy, sweet and tart at the same time.  The lovely pale orange color is perfect for Halloween and the Pumpkin Peep garnish is cute floating on top.

You can easily turn this one into a non-alcoholic Halloween cocktail simply by removing the liquor! Be sure you serve the alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks in a different colored glass to distinguish them - maybe martini glasses for the adults and regular Halloween tumblers for the kids?

Don't forget, All these Martinis PLUS paired Halloween Appetizers are featured in The Martini Diva's:

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1 comment:

  1. The “JACK O'LANTERN MARTINI” sounds so delicious I can hardly wait to try it in my orange glow in the dark martini glasses I got as a door prize last year at a business party. I don’t know where they got them but I wish I did I would add them to my top shelf in my store, Goblets and More. But some nice clear ones would really show off this recipe nicely. Thanks so much for the recipe.


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