April 22nd is
National Jelly Bean Day
(Not to be confused with National Jelly BEANS Day on July 31st!)

You didn't think I could let this day go by without a Jelly Bean Martini did you?
Heck, I have TWO!
Get the recipes here:

You have to plan ahead a bit for my Jelly Bean Martini because first you have to make your own jelly bean flavored vidka.

Jelly Bean Vodka Recipe:
Pick one or an assortment of your favorite complementary jelly bean flavors then add a cup of those to 3 cups of vodka.
Allow the candies to dissolve, shaking at least every few hours. This should take about 24 hours at most.
Strain out the sediments through cheesecloth or coffee filters, then bottle.

I went with Jelly Belly jelly beans because they have such a wonderful variety of natural flavors!  My favorite Jelly Belly flavors are Buttered Popcorn and Juicy Pear so I went with the Juicy Pear for my first go round.  I'll eat the Buttered Popcorn but I just cannot imagine them dissolved in vodka!

The Jelly BEAN Cocktail recipe is great for any of the flavors or flavor combinations - the Dry Champagne cuts the syrupy quality and the little dash of a complementary bitters flavor cuts the sweetness while also adding a nice little touch of complexity to what might otherwise be somewhat cloying cocktail.

I then dropped in a few extra Jelly Bellys for garnish with different flavors - Kiwi, Mango and Cantaloupe - which added more of their own flavors as they dissolved!  Sort of like a flavor morphing cocktail - Fun!

Try out some of your favorite flavors and enjoy a unique Jelly Bean Martini to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day!

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