The MARGARITA is my third illustration in a group of Cocktail Party Art "separates".   Like Shotz! and Psychedelic Cocktail, it is a result of a request from my collectors and readers for "just the margarita glass (shot glass, cocktail glass, etcetera) and is available on all sorts of fun Art & Products.

Again, I'm having some fun with the Margarita T-shirts by adding some fun captions (which you can customize to your heart's content!):

 As always, you can get MARGARITA on
(Like adding a name, customizing for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, putting on your favorite cocktail quote - you can even add your own photos!)

 Be sure to check out my other designs in this series:

And keep an eye out for MARTINI - which will be posted and available tomorrow!

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