Perfect for Halloween - Great for Caramel Apple Lovers!

I have to tell you I was blown away by how much this tasted like a caramel apple! They're one of my favorite treats and when I started this infusion I had no idea how much I was going to love this flavored vodka! After only a few hours I was tasting caramel apple - after a few days it was so good I actually danced around the kitchen with the bottle! I'm kind of addicted now.

3 Ripe Granny Smith Apples,
core and seeds removed, sliced thin
1/2 to 3/4 Cup Caramel Sauce*
1 -750ml Bottle of Good Vodka

Infusion Bottle (Canning Jars) with lid
Decorative Bottle with swing cap.
Coffee Filters or Cheesecloth
Medium Metal Strainer

Add your sliced apples to a clean jar or infusion bottle. (I used Granny Smiths because of their tartness and firm texture.)
Pour in the caramel sauce, test the mixture with your finger for sweetness level.
Pour in the vodka.
Allow to infuse for a minimum of 24 hours up to a week. (I was getting caramel apple flavor in just a few hours!) Infusion time depends on the strength of the apple flavor you want.
Strain through a coffee filter lined metal strainer into your decorative bottle.
Add a fun, personalized label and enjoy or use as a gift!

  *I made my own, homemade SALTED CARAMEL SAUCE but you can buy a good brand if you don't want to go to the trouble. Here's my Caramel Sauce Recipe:

1 C. Packed Brown Sugar
4 Tablespoons Butter
1/2 C. Half & Half
1 Teaspoon of Vanilla
Pinch of Kosher Salt

Combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and heat on medium low, gently whisking constantly, for about six minutes or until the sauce begins to thicken. Add your vanilla and the salt and continue to heat on medium low until the sauce thickens a bit more. Remove from the burner, allow to cool then pour sauce into a clean, sterilized jar with a sealed lid.

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