A friend gave me a bunch of fairly ripe bananas. I don't really eat ripe bananas, I like mine on the green side, but they are great for banana bread. Unfortunately I'm in the middle of getting my next cocktail book ready for the holiday season sales and I have little spare time to eat, let alone bake.

But a drink only takes a couple of minutes to make and that book deadline really makes a cocktail a necessity for my sanity during marathon book editing sessions. So, those bananas got tossed in a blender with a few other choice ingredients and in a few minutes I was ignoring my computer for a few blessed moments of serenity and delicious banana booze.

Ripe fruit is great for cocktails because it's sweeter and releases it's juicy flavor readily without the need for a lot of added sugars. Healthy, delicious and relaxing, can you ask for more?


2 Oz. Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum
3/4 Oz. Fresh Lime Juice
1 Small, RIPE Banana, Sliced
1 Tsp. Honey
1 Cup Crushed Ice

GARNISH: Large slice of banana, 1 lime twist, Bordeaux Maraschino  cherry

TOOLS: Coupe or cocktail glass, Blender

Chill you glass in the freezer.
Add the rum, lime juice, banana, honey and ice to your blender and pulse until blended smooth.
Pour into your chilled glass.
Garnish and enjoy!

Oh, and keep an eye on Amazon in October for my new cocktail book,  I'm still debating the title, but don't worry, I'll be announcing the release here and all over my social media.

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