KEY LIME PIE MARTINI Part Deux Cocktail Recipe

This is one of the first cocktails I ever created and it's still one of my favorites. I love a Key Lime Pie but it has to be in a pastry pie shell, not a graham cracker crust and I prefer a meringue topping over whipped cream. There's a lot of versions out there, but that's my favorite style and the one I styled my original recipe around.

My first Key Lime Pie Martini recipe called for limeade concentrate instead of key lime juice because the first time I made the cocktail I used actual Key limes and drove myself crazy trying to juice the little buggers without a decent juicer. Key limes are small and hard and I spent forever rolling them around trying to loosen up the juice inside. So I tried a frozen limeade for my next version and, though it didn't have that Key lime flavor, made a pretty decent, and way easier, drink. It also had the sweetener already included. Plus Key limes aren't always available and I could keep frozen limeade always on hand in the freezer.

Now I have a juicer so there's no excuse for not using fresh Key lime juice when they're in season. Gotta love the mod-cons, especially if you're in the cocktail business. I do love my juicers, especially when it comes to extracting Key lime juice.

This Part Deux version I decided to try out rum instead of vodka. If you prefer vodka, go for it, but be aware that the rum brings a stronger flavor profile to the game than vodka does so there will be a different taste experience between the two spirits.

(Part Deux)

2 Oz. White Rum
1-1/4 Oz. Fresh Key Lime Juice
2 Oz. Heavy Cream or Half & Half 
1 Oz. Simple Syrup

Garnish: Pie Crust and Sugar Rim

Tools: Juicer, Cocktail shaker

Glass: Cocktail

Blind bake a single layer of sugared,  prepared pie crust, cool, then crumble. Mix with a teaspoon of sugar. I added in a bit of green sugar crystals for extra color. Dip the glass rim in some lime juice then into the crumbled pie crust mixture. Chill glass in the freezer.
Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake until icy cold.
Strain into the chilled glass and serve.

National  Key Lime Pie Day is September 23rd.

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