CHEESY DOODLE-TINI for National Cheez Doodle Day

for National Cheez Doodle Day 
Yes, that is a Cheez Doodle Martini - or to be more accurate that is a Cheetos Martini because you can't get Cheez Doodles out here in the wild, wild West!

And quit laughing because it was really good!!! Ok, so I didn't blend up a bunch of cheezy doodles and pour booze on them....but I did crush them up and put them on a mayonnaised rim of a lovely bacon vodka and tomato water cocktail!!

What's Tomato Water?
It's the water inside a tomato and it's lighter and cleaner than tomato juice with all the same tomato flavor.  You simply suck it out of the tomatoes by cutting them up and squeezing the water out of them!  I cut mine up, did a very rough blend in my Bullet blender than poured that into a metal strainer and squished until I got the water out!

Then you're ready to rumble with bacon vodka and Cheetos/Cheez Doodles!

Ha! Bet you thought I wouldn't dare, didn't you??

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