I made a wonderful Pear Sorbet and even after serving it as dessert at a dinner party I still had some left over.  I was wondering just what to do with it when I spied a little bitty bottle of bubbly looking lonely all by itself in my fridge, so....


Brut Champagne
(or another favorite bubbly of yours, I happened to have a Brut)
1 Scoop of Pear Sorbet
Slice of Fresh Pear

Spoon the sorbet into a martini glass or a coupe, pour the bubbly over the sorbet, slide your pear onto the rim and enjoy!

Since I had the Brut that is what I used and, frankly, I liked the dryness with the sweet sorbet but feel free to bubble this up with your choice of sparkling wine - you could even use soda for a mocktail version!

I served this up with some Pear & Blue Cheese Bruschetta and you'll find that recipe over at my Diva of Tiny Foods Blog today!

Cheers, M'Dears!

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