THE HALLOWEEN VISITATION, A Cocktale Story of Horror and Vodka

A Cocktale of Horror and Vodka
By The Martini Diva

Once upon a late night dreary,
as I sat most weak and weary,
to sip some Crystal Head alone
and rest my soul and ease my bones,
there came a knocking at my door.

Knock, knock, knocking at that door,
They kept on knocking evermore!
I dragged my feet across the floor,
(while under breath I softly swore.)

Upon my stoop were birds galore;
at least a gang of ten or more!
Raven black and swathed in gore,
they whispered from their spectral corps, 
"We cannot find a liquor store,
would you share your vodka pour?"

Shocked was I, and very leery,
Black birds begging booze? 'Twas eerie!
So to these specters this I said, 
"Be gone you crows, you spirits dread!
You cannot have my Crystal Head!
So do not beg, do not implore,
I share this Vodka NEVERMORE!"

They took no heed, they would not stop!
So at their heads an ax I chopped.
Feathers flew and squawks arose, 
it froze me right straight to my toes!
When at last their cries grew still,
I threw their corpses on the grill.
Some lemon juice, some herbs, fine ground;
my dinner soon began to brown.
When they were done, most nicely roasted,
With Crystal Head to them I toasted.
©2014 by TheMartiniDiva.Com


Thanks to Crystal Head Vodka and  BevMo for the inspiration.

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