Top 10 Google Cocktail Searches for 2015?

 What were the top 10 Google searches for #cocktails in 2015?

You might be surprised, I certainly was. Here you go and don't blame me, I'm just the messenger ...
1.  Sangria
2.  Moscow Mule
3.  Gimlet
4.  Cosmopolitan
5.  Long Island Iced Tea
6.  Margarita
7.  Mojito
8.  Aviation
9.  Sex on the Beach
10.  Daiquiri 
Nearly everything on this list surprised me except the Margarita, Mojito and Moscow Mule. The Moscow Mule, don't  ask me why, was the darling of the cocktail scene throughout last year, no surprise there.  Margaritas and Mojitos are respectable and always popular drinks which can be tweaked with all sorts of fruits and flavors, I'm good with these. Gimlets are classic, easy drinks but I'd have expected them to switch places with Daiquiris which deserve to be much higher on the list.

As for Cosmopolitans, I suppose they will always be on the list as long as women are watching reruns of Sex in the City. Not one of my top 10, but it's an innocuous little pink drink made with cranberry and vodka that can't be totally ruined by amateurs.

Sangria in the number one spot? Hmmmmm. Yes, this fruit infused, sweet and often bubbly punch is seeing a resurgence from it's heyday in the seventies, but number one? Do people really have that much left over wine?

And speaking of the seventies, WTH?? Long Island Iced Tea and Sex On The Beach??? Both are cocktails that should have been buried under the sand along with disco balls and leisure suits. Their high alcohol content and ability to reach "I'm young and stupid and want to get drunk and stupid fast" can be the only factor adding them to the list.

What took me by complete surprise and made me do a little happy dance was seeing the Aviation, a beautiful cocktail that can only truly be made properly with a hard to find, rarely used Crème de Violette liqueur. It's a sophisticated gin drink with subtlety and balance and a thing of beauty. This gave me back some hope for the future drinking habits of humanity.

Happy New Year and here's to a more cocktail enlightened list for 2016! Cheers, M'Dears!

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