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For the sake of democracy in alcohol I will refer to your glass as a "cocktail glass" instead of a "martini glass". No one can ever say I have anything against a good margarita, mojito or other beverage!

Okay, let's get on with it. It's truly simple to rim a "cocktail" glass. You can buy a professional bartender's glass rimmer and follow the instructions (if there are any.) Or you can:
  • Get two small plates
  • Pour in your rimming sugar or salt in one plate (You can also create unique rimmers like crushed candies - see my tip on how to make your own martini rimmers
  • Pour one liquid ingredient from your "cocktail" mixture in the other plate (remember this liquid will be adding flavor to the rimmer so choose one of the more flavorful ingredients like fruit juice or one of the liquors)
  • Take your "cocktail" glass and dip the rim in the liquid then lightly shake off the excess
  • Dip your moist "cocktail" glass rim into the sugar or salt
You will often seen a bartender rub the glass rim with a lemon or lime wedge to moisten the rim, but I find that creates a stingy rim. I like a nice thick, crusty rim on my glass that adds another taste dimension to my drinks! But whatever floats your olive!

So, my fellow Martini (oh, okay!) Cocktail Aficionados, there you have it. How to rim a "cocktail" glass!
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