Frieda's sent me a few pomegranates to play with and every time I looked at them I kept thinking, "Tequila", but I'd already done a Pomegranate Margarita so I decided to do a smash. (This also meant I didn't have to pull my juicer out.) A typical smash is made with a base spirit, mint and sugar and served over a nice glassful of ice. I always add some fresh fruit and usually a bit of soda, though neither is a requirement, just a personal preference.

While a smash, really just a short form of a julep, is usually made with mint, I wanted something earthy that would contrast with the tart but sweet pomegranate so I chose some fresh rosemary instead. Rosemary plays nicely with tequila and can stand up to its bold essence. Plus rosemary has that fall quality I was in the mood for even though it's still hot here in Tucson.

I got the best of both worlds, a tart but sweet refresher that wafted up hints of fall and that special kick that tequila always brings along for the ride. Nice for watching the desert sunset.



2 Oz. Repodaso 100% Blue Agave Tequila
3/4 Cup Pomegranate Arils (Seeds)
10 Fresh Rosemary Leaves (Not Sprigs)
1 Oz. Simple Syrup
Club Soda

GARNISH: Pomegranate Arils, Sprig of Rosemary

GLASS: Old Fashioned

TOOLS: Mixing Glass, Muddler, Bar Spoon, Strainer

Chill your glass.
In your mixing glass muddle the pomegranate arils (seeds), rosemary leaves and simple syrup.
Fill mixing glass with ice then add the tequila and stir.
Strain into an ice filled Old Fashioned glass, top off with soda and garnish.

I used a hawthorn strainer and a few of the small pieces of rosemary leaves came through. I don't mind this, but if you do not want any of the rosemary leaves in the cocktail then use a mesh metal strainer. You'll get enough of the rosemary and the garnish.

By the way, I recently read that smelling rosemary helps your memory, so a few of these and you might remember where you left your keys.

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Updated 9-2021

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