CHERRY KISS MARTINI - Cherry Vodka, Kircsh Art

Just for fun I decided to do a little pencil sketch of my latest martini recipe. The Cherry Kiss Martini is a direct result of finding a bottle of Kirsch in my cupboard, a bottle I never think of unless I'm planning on doing a classic fondue which calls for Kirsch!

Kirsch is a German liqueur originally called Kirschwasser which means "cherry water" in German. Kirsch is traditionally made by double distilling Morello cherries and has the deep, tart flavor of those dark cherries. I thought it would make a really interesting martini when paired with my favorite cherry vodka from Three Olives. I also added a splash of soda - I like to cut the pure alcohol and thin the syrupy consistency, also the soda also adds a little effervescence. If you prefer you can leave the soda out.

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