THE EMPTY BOWLS, Dedicated to Pixel

In loving memory of
The Cutest Yorkipoo Ever to Turn a Trick for a Treat.
October 17, 1998 - October 23, 2015

Dedicated to my sweet Pixel

I loved your nose,
I loved your toes,
I loved you from tip to tail.
When I came home,
all alone?
At the window
you waited without fail.

Your happy face,
that furry embrace,
cheered me all the time.
Always at my side
you were my pride,
my reason and my rhyme.

From tiny pup,
who rode in the cup
of my bra
when you were small,
to faithful friend
who was at my side,
my partner,
through it all.

Now your toys lay still,
not a squeak or a pip,
no patter of nails
on the floors to click,
no sweet little tail
wagging just for me.
Your bowls are empty,
your bed is too,
and my heart is broken

With every kiss or high five,
each command I decreed,
your willingness thrived
to every obedient deed
and your trust and faith
shone through.
You gave without greed,
you cared without price,
and I knew in my heart
no one loved me
as much as you.

You were my love,
my heart, my child,
my faithful family.
There won't be a day
without thinking of you.
But you will live on
in all that I do
from now to Eternity.

Rest in peace, my beloved girl.

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