PEPPERMINT PATTY - Hot Cocoa and Peppermint Rocks!

Though the PEPPERMINT PATTY is not a martini I just had to post the cocktail recipe for this warm and minty hot cocoa treat! It's called a Peppermint Patty and is just delicious for sipping in front of a warm fire after a day of ice skating, skiing or reading a good book all tucked up in your favorite chair!

The classic Peppermint Patty is so easy - just grab a couple packets of your favorite instant hot cocoa, prepare according to the package and then stir in a nice dash of peppermint schnapps or other peppermint liqueur. Pop a cute little mini candy cane in (some great chocolate ones are made by Hersheys and can be found at Walmart!)

I like to do mine this way:

Click here for my


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