Chili Melon Martini - A hot accent for your cold martini!

A friend of mine was telling me about this martini he had a few weeks ago in San Francisco that he fell in love with. He told me it was a Chili Melon martini.

Yeah, I had the same reaction. But I did happen to have some watermelon in the fridge that was taking up my entire top shelf and I thought, hey, why not?

So I got my trusty juicer out and turned that giant green globe into a few cups of watermelon juice, grabbed my bottle of vodka and "borrowed" a couple of chilies from a neighbor's house plant. (You can do that in Arizona, peppers are, like, the state flower here!)

This plant was the variety that had red, green and yellow peppers on it so I knew it would at least make a pretty garnish for my red watermelon martini if I chickened out and didn't muddle in the pepper, lol. I am not a lover of hot peppers, nope, but I was intrigued enough to try out a recipe.

And, whaddya know, I kind of liked it! It didn't burn a hole in my throat and I enjoyed the little bite of chili against the sweetness of the watermelon. It was kind of a fire and ice experience - different and fun!

Don't ask me what variety of peppers they were, all I know is they were edible because my neighbor cooks with them all the time - I didn't ask for the Scoville units when I grabbed the chilies and ran, lol.

Here's the recipe for
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