The White Russian - NOT A MARTINI? OMG!

Yes, occasionally The Martini Diva does drink something other than a martini! I like a nice cold beer in the summer (preferably a Bohemia), I enjoy a nice margarita (especially fruit flavored ones), and I love champagne (Dom is my fav) though it usually bites me in the butt the next morning because I like it too much!

But I see no reason why many of these can't be enjoyed in a martini glass. Not all, just some - a beer for me is best enjoyed right out of the icy cold bottle and champagne should only be drunk in a crystal champagne flute. I confess, I'm kind of a glass snob, okay?

So with that being said I thought that occasionally I would share some of my favorite cocktail recipes with you - Martini Diva style of course - designed specifically to serve in a martini glass.

Today it's a White Russian. I favored these during my trips to Las Vegas because the caffeine kept me awake and they tasted like coffee milkshakes.

The basic recipe for the White Russian consists of equal parts of all three ingredients, a ratio of 1:1:1 or, in other words, one ounce each of the Kahlua, Vodka and Cream. That's it - pure and simple. You can either shake these up with some ice in a martini shaker and serve "up" in your martini glass or be classic and pour over ice in an old fashioned glass. You know me, mine will go in a martini glass and I'll shave some nice dark chocolate on top as a garnish.

Though some people use Tia Maria instead of the Kahlua, I prefer the Kahlua as it has a much more intense chocolate coffee flavor and the liqueur is thicker which helps if milk is used instead of cream as it often was when casinos served free drinks, lol.

There is also a version of the drink without the cream called a Black Russian and a Tall Black Russian which is the Black Russian in a taller glass then topped off with cola. Both the White and Black Russians are official drinks of the International Bartenders Association.

A little trivia for those of you who happen to enjoy this drink:
  • White Russians are the favored beverage of The Dude in The Big Lebowski, where he sometimes refers to the drink as a Caucasian
  • There was an anti-Bolshevik group from the Russian Civil War known as The White Russians
  • There is also a genus of the cannabis plant called a White Russian - who knew?

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If you have a Martini question, please feel free to ask me in a comment and I'll respond back here in the comments section or in a new post!


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