Sex, Cities and Martinis - The PINK FLIRTINI

Here's a fun SEX and the CITY inspired cocktail called The PINK FLIRTINI. Supposedly this martini was developed for "SEX and the CITY" actress Sarah Jessica Parker by a bartender at Guastavino's in NYC. Whether or not that's true is a mute point - it is definitely a "SEX and the CITY" kind of drink because it has all the sass of the Samantha, the sweetness of Charlotte, the tartness of Miranda and the flair of Carrie, plus it's a pink of the SATC Flirtini.

The Pink Martini is a great cocktail for a "SEX and the CITY" marathon. It's not too heavy on the alcohol so you can have more than one and it's just the drink you want in your hand when you binge watch the adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.
Updated 6-6-2018
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