Cool Contemporary Martini Holders for your yard, the beach, camping!

I often get contacted by companies with products that relate to martinis asking if I'll mention their product here on The Martini Diva. I rarely do this - the fact is I'm not in the business of promoting martini products (other than my own, lol!) BUT, if I really like a product I'll mention it and put a link to it here on The Martini Diva.

However, when someone has a truly great idea I have no problem plugging their product - and I do it for free in a post like this to share it with my readers. When I was contacted by Scott over at DrinkDeco.com asking if I would simply put a link to his site here I took a look at his drink holders and loved the concept and asked if he would send me a sample to try out myself. Scott kindly agreed and shipped me out some samples.

I have to tell you I love these drink holders! They are the coolest martini accessory I've come across in a long time - very contemporary looking and decorative and THEY WORK! You simply push them into the ground in your yard, the sand at the beach or the ground wherever you're camping and you have a perfect drink holder at the right height for a standard chair.

DrinkDeco.com has these holders in designs that will hold martinis (of course!), cans, bottles and even cans in koozies! So even if you're not a martini fan (heaven forbid, lol) you can still enjoy a beverage outside without fear of tip-overs and lost liquids! There's nothing sadder than losing a full martini, beer or can of soda and having to schlep over for another.

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They're priced at $24.99 (shipping included!) for a set of two and you can pay via Pay Pal with any credit or debit card.

Being a person who likes to use things for multi-purposes I have also taken the samples Scott sent me and I've put a candle in a pretty glass and stuck that in my holder and I put some of those battery operated votive candles in a cute plastic martini glass and made a mood light with the holder that way! So, they're not only great drink holders they're really cute lighting accessories (sorry, Scott, but - seriously - they're just as cute for that purpose, lol!) I also noticed that there's a new product coming - a Tapas Deco Basket and I'm looking forward to seeing those to serve some of my appetizers from The Diva of Tiny Foods!

Here's what Scott has to say about how these great drink holders came to be:
I am an engineer by trade. I have been working in the auto industry since 1988, mainly in the Detroit area. Things have been rough there lately, as I’m sure you know. My job had been eliminated twice in the last several years, so things had been less than stable.

I have always been in to “inventing” and art. I have been working with steel for the past several years fabricating everything from fireplace grates to wine racks to crucifixes. I’ve done some steel back splashes in a couple kitchens and some menu holders for a restaurant in Michigan.

Recently I have been attempting to supplement my income with the hope of one day being self sufficient. I’m dabbling in some small stuff, like the drink holders, learning how to set up a website, etc. I’m training myself for bigger and bigger businesses.

Anyway, I started with simple designs in aluminum for two reasons: It’s lightweight so shipping isn’t terribly expensive, though it’s not cheap!, and it doesn’t need painted or treated. I need to modify my welder to weld aluminum so I haven’t attempted that yet.

I really like martini’s and like the outdoors so I started thinking….aluminum…..artistic…..martini holder…..and there you have it. I’ve recently expanded to include bottles, cans, koozie holders. The koozie holders were a direct response to customer feedback. It was something I hadn’t considered.

I scoured the internet and couldn’t find anything like it, so thought I would put it out there and see what happens. So far the response has been good. People really like them. Getting the word out is the biggest challenge, which is where you come in!

Stop by DrinkDeco.com and check out these really cool drink holders.


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