The BOMB POP MARTINI - A retro, adult taste that takes you back to your childhood!

As I mentioned yesterday in my Creamsicle Martini post, I have been having some fun with martinis inspired by the ice cream treats of my youth. All this was started by a rare visit on my street of The Ice Cream Truck!

Today I give you the BOMB POP MARTINI - a really delicious concoction of raspberry rum, cherry vodka and limeade that captures those nostalgic flavors of the Bomb Pop frozen treat from the fifties and sixties. You can now enjoy that wonderful retro ice cream bar with a little more sophistication and an adult kick in this martini!

All these "atomic" named retro treats got me thinking about growing up in a nuclear world, the cold war and how we named some of those space age treats. For a little history on the goodies that inspired this series of martinis and how they got their names read my post on Ice Cream Nostalgia and the Cold War.

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Updated 8-2016

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