The AMARETTO SOUR Cocktail Recipe

Back before the cocktail Revolution of the 90s, we were often subjected to less than stellar bar drinks. The Amaretto Sour, actually quite a decent cocktail when not subjected to inferior spirits and sad pre-bottled sour mix, was one of the recipes that lost its luster as a result.

Thanks to Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who added bourbon and egg white, the Amaretto Sour is now a drink that deserves respect and a second try. Here is his recipe and I simply do not mess with because it's perfect as is. The only thing I'll do is add a garnish of a fresh slice of apricot and my own homemade Bourbon Cherries.


1-1/2 Oz. Amaretto
3/4 Oz. Bourbon
1 Oz. Lemon Juice
1 Teaspoon Simple Syrup*
1/2 Oz. Pasteurized Egg White

Garnish: Apricot Slice and Bourbon Cherry

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker and dry shake for a good 60 seconds.
Add ice and shake until chilled.
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass, garnish and serve.

* Jeff has 2 versions floating around online, one with and one without the simple syrup. I like the syrup but you can leave it out if you prefer a cocktail with more tartness. 


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