ICE CREAM MARTINI - The Creamsicle Martini


A few days ago I heard something I haven't heard in ages, I heard that distinctive sound of the ice cream truck coming down my road! I used to love the ice cream man when I was a kid and, like every other kid on my block, I'd run into the house to pester my Mom for a nickle to buy an ice cream.

Yes, I did run out to the ice cream truck even though I had ice cream in my freezer. I ran out for the sheer nostalgia of it and I ran out to see if they still carried some of my favorites from childhood. I did not run out with a nickle though, I ran out with a ten dollar bill, lol. I don't think there's anything you can get for a nickel anymore except five pennies - besides I planned to buy one of each of my preferred choices as a kid: The Creamsicle, the Astro Pop, the Bomb Pop and a Banana Fudgesicle. Alas, they had no banana flavored Fudgesicle but they did have the others!

I enjoyed them so much it got me to thinking about turning the flavors into martinis. Today you get to sample my first Ice Cream Martini recipe. The Creamsicle Martini or Creamsicle Tini will bring back the memories and taste experience of that wonderful mix of orange juice and cream with an adult twist added by the orange vodka and Grand Marnier!

Here's my

Shake up a couple and enjoy the sounds of the Ice Cream Truck:

By the way - The Ice Cream Truck song is "Turkey in the Straw" for all you whipper snappers out there!

Updated 8-2016

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