Find a Martini Bar - Eat a Chocolate Olive (Cholive!)

Just a couple of little martini things that might be of interest to you, my fellow martini lovers:

Help, I'm in Kuala Lumpur and I need a Martini!

I've just been introduced to a great blog that is listing and reviewing martini bars throughout the world, World Martini Cocktail Review. If you're traveling about the world and need your martini fix this could be a helpful tool! Wouldn't you like to know where you can get a martini in Brussels or Bangkok or Barcelona? Check it out and help Fabio rate some of the martinis and the bars!

Meet Cholive - A Chocolate Olive!

You heard me right - a company has now come up with a chocolate truffle in the shape of an olive made just for garnishing cocktails! This little delicacy is basically a chocolate covered truffle, a creamy ganache filling in a chocolate shell, but the kicker here is they look like chocolate olives and they come with their own nifty, though unusual, little martini picks - you hang the pick on the rim of the glass so the chocolate hangs outside the martini.

They cost between a dollar each and half a dollar each depending on how may you buy. Check out the Cholive here.

I kinda wish I'd thought of this. . . .

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