HALLOWEEN MARTINIS & HALLOWEEN PARTY FOOD - Gates of Hell Martini & Brittle Bones!

is simply liquid heat. It's a Black Bloody Martini that's hotter than Hades thanks to the addition of chili peppers and pepper sauce. Just because you're shaking it up with ice doesn't mean it's not going to scorch you to Perdition! Only for the really devilish or the brave at heart!



 It's not too late to have a Halloween party. You can still have a fun get together with a little work, creativity and some cheating! 
You'll have to invite everyone by phone and don't be surprised if most have plans so be prepared to extend your guest list to people you might ordinarily not invite or just plan for a more intimate party.

FOR THE FOOD: Buy pre-made deli salads to make tea sandwiches, pre-made cupcakes and cookies at the bakery, pre-mixed dips and spreads and prepared deli plates of
crudités, wings and meat platters.

You can still cut out the tea sandwich bread in fun Halloween shapes, decorate up the cookies and cupcakes for a personal touch and even add a little personal touch to the prepared dips and spreads. You can also call a caterer!

QUICK DECORATIONS can be purchased at your local super mart or party store. Several white sheets and a fog machine can lend a lot of atmosphere to a ghost theme. You can also just do orange and black colors. A little confetti sprinkled about always lends a festive air.

LAST MINUTE COSTUMES can be solved with a simple large cardboard box with holes cut out for the head, arms & legs, some paint, glue and some fabric scraps. Think giant popcorn box, aquarium, Rubik's cube, cell phone or framed work of art. The work of art would be easy - just buy a cheap poster of a famous work of art, glue it to the front of the box and paint the rest of the box like a frame! If you're really lazy or hate the idea of costumes, here's some cheezy but funny ideas from Halloween.Com.

ENTERTAINMENT is easily solved by Downloading Halloween MP3s at Amazon, Grabbing some Halloween Themed games at the local toy store or having a scavenger hunt - sort of adult Trick or Treating!

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