So, you forgot someone on your shopping list or need a last minute hostess gift?

My Christmas Candy Liqueur Recipe will save you! You can have a fun, yummy and boozy bottle of Holiday Spirit ready to stick a bow on in just a few hours.
You can use all kinds of Christmas candy like candy corn, any hard candies, candy canes of all flavors, peppermint sticks and even caramels or red hots. Yes, you can also use flavored vodkas and - with the right candy - whiskey, gin or rum.

You are only limited by what you can get your hands on and your imagination!

(Makes One 750 ml Bottle)

1 - 750 ml. bottle of vodka
1 Cup of Christmas candy of your choice

1 sterilized quart sized, lidded jar
(Mason, Ball, old mayo jar)
Large metal strainer
Optional: Decorative bottle with cap or cork

Crunch up your larger candies (candy canes, sticks) to speed up the infusion.
Add the cup of candy to your sterilized jar.
Pour in the bottle of vodka.
Allow the vodka and candy to get all happy with each other in the fridge for as long as possible; a minimum of 8 hours is preferable, overnight is best.
Let it infuse for several days if you have the time.
Shake bottle vigorously every time you open the fridge or at least once an hour.
While your candy and vodka get to know each other, soak the label off the original bottle if you're using it.
Taste after 4 hours for flavor level.
When your infusion has reached the flavor level you like, strain through the cheesecloth lined strainer back into the original vodka bottle or a pretty decorative bottle.

Add a festive Christmas label and bow and you're set!
I did this with Chocolate Peppermint Candy Canes!

Updated 12-2018

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