The RCH BTCH Martini - Raspberry and Orange Martini

Today's cocktail is a delicious raspberry and orange martini that will satisfy any high maintenance rich diva.

The RCH BTCH Martini is one of my stand by favorites. It was one of my very first designer martini recipes, I had one of these before I even tried an Apple Martini. I developed this before I had gotten my first order of edible gold or, trust me, I would included the gold flakes as garnish for this one, so feel free to bring it up with some edible gold.

I love the flavor combination of the Chambord (raspberry liqueur) and Grand Marnier but without the soda these two liqueurs and orange juice are a bit too sweet so don't forget it! I have been known to cut them with an ounce of raspberry vodka instead but only when I'm having one single martini - that addition really kicks up the danger level!


Updated 2-2016

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