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I have wanted to do a series of simple colored martinis for ages and this week I took time out from building the main website for TheMartiniDiva.Com to do one! (Yes, TheMartiniDiva.Com is expanding in a big way - launch date in less than a month, stay tuned!)

I started with the Pink Martini because I wanted a new graphic for my Pink Themed Martinis and Pink Tiny Foods. Pink Martini Parties are all the rage and I had done this series of pink drinks and appetizers a few years ago to throw a Pink Party for a good friend who had just completed her chemotherapy for breast cancer.

(You can look forward to Pink Martinis and Pink Party Food all next week now!)

I've had this thing lately for polka dots. I'm not really sure why but it might be a retro thing. I used them as a pattern inside the martini glass then added a fun heart topped martini pick. I hadn't planned to put in a garnish but the martini pick just looked silly without something on it so I put in an olive and turned it pink - how fun is a pink olive?. Then I thought it looked lonely (and who ever asks for just one olive in their martini?) so I added a second pink olive. I love the pink olives.

I tipped the glass to indicate a little movement and added some fun little pale pink bubbles flowing out of the glass. Done!

Throw a Pink Martini Party for your gal pals! Come back next week for all the Pink Martini and Pink Appetizers, customize some of my Pink Martini Invitations, Envelopes & Postage, get them all personalized Pink Martini Tees, wear some fun Pink Martini sneakers and a cap to match, put together some fun gift bags with my Pink Martini Totes, Get some Pink Martini Cups, Aprons or even Skateboards for party prizes! Heck, put a Pink Martini Pet Tee on your dog or cat too! Check out all my Pink Martini Goodies below:


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