VALENTINE'S MARTINIS - Planning On Proposing?

Are you planning on proposing this Valentine's Day? Congratulations in advance (keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response!)

I hope you're planning the whole thing out and practicing your proposal speech. Be sure to have the scene set for romance and love with red roses in abundance and a plan to celebrate your engagement after the big "Yes!"

To help you out I have developed the Valentine's Day Proposal Martini - a positively pink and sweet martini that will put your intended in the proper mood to accept! All you need to do is shake this up and drop in that spectacular ring and you'll be all that closer to wedded bliss! (And drop over to The Diva of Tiny Foods for a Valentine's Day Menu for the celebratory supper.

BTW, I love weddings and if you think my martini helped at all you could send me an invitation as a thank you. . . . .

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