BELLINI-A-TINI - Champagne, Peaches and Berries Rock!

The classic Bellini is actually made with Champagne and Peach and Raspberry Purees - 1 part Peach Puree, 3 parts Champagne (or sparkling wine) and about a teaspoon of Raspberry Puree - and it is quite delicious but a lot of work! Most bellinis today are made with the sparkling wine, peach schnapps and a splash of raspberry liquor like Chambord.

My recipe for The Bellini-a-tini is much easier to create and almost as good - maybe better if you don't like the texture of purees! Instead of the raspberry puree I use fresh raspberries as a garnish, sometimes I will float a little Chambord or Cassis on top.

I often use fresh fruits and berries as garnishes but I kick them up a bit by dipping them in some juice I have handy then rolling them in sugar and freezing them! I keep them frozen in a baggie and pull them out as necessary. The frozen fruit is a wonderful little pop at the end of the drink and it helps keep your martini cold!

Please Drink Responsibly

Updated 12-2016

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