INCOMING HALLOWEEN MARTINIS - Get Ready for the Martini Monster's Newest Halloween Martinis This Month!

It's time again for my Halloween Cocktails
with my ghoulish garnishes that never fail
to amuse my visitors as tasty treats.
I'll even give links to some Halloween eats!

I'll stir and mix to shake up some trouble
and post the recipes for you on the double!
Yes, for the whole month of goblins and ghouls
I'll be posting martinis for you Halloween fools!

Be ready to be spooked, there's hundreds in all.
The names alone will make your skin crawl!
So save your gummy worms and a gummy eyeball,
I'm posting my Creepy Cocktails again this fall!

Image and Poem Copyright 2008 by PopArtDiva.com


Please drink responsibly.
Updated 10-2016

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