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I've been asked by several people if my martinis can be converted to cocktails without alcohol. In many cases this is quite possible so I've come up with some tips for doing it:
  • To maintain the essence of the martini's flavor use syrups, juices or sodas with the same flavoring. Look for the flavors the liquors impart and try to replace them with non-alcoholic alternatives
  • Replace the plain vodka with club soda or a non-alcoholic wine
  • There are many already prepared drink mixes available where you add the liquor so you leave out the liquor and use your club soda instead
  • If you don't want to impart the carbonation of the soda try leaving the soda out overnight without the cap
  • Smoothie recipes make wonderful non-alcoholic martinis
  • Use food coloring to impart colors that some alcohols impart
  • Use food flavorings to mimic the flavored vodkas and rums
Remember, anything you drink can be served in a martini glass, there are no rules and no one's going to spank you if you don't drink classic martinis or you don't drink at all! You can even serve a shrimp cocktail or another appetizer and even desserts in a martini glass! I've even floated flowers in a martini glass filled with water as a table decoration.

Martinis for me are more than a particular drink; for me a martini brings to mind the elegance of days gone by where people dressed up for cocktail hour and socializing was more important than getting hammered! Satin dresses, white tie, some great swing music in the background and celebration on the air - now there's a martini atmosphere for you!

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