VALENTINE'S DAY MARTINIS - A Valentine Surprise Cocktail

The Valentine Surprise Martini is going to require a little more than just some booze and mixers. That's because the surprise involves something gold and sparkly to match the edible gold flakes you'll be sprinkling on top of this creamy chocolate and berry martini!

That's right, I'm talking a nice little piece of jewelry - some flashy bling for your Valentine (or yourself!) Honey, I'm talkin' the real deal here - don't go buying some cheap costume junk and trying to pass it off! If you want to get some action you'd better pony up with some serious gems and minerals!

If your wallet is feeling the economic pinch then forgo the jewels and bring one perfect red rose - a real rose please! Or if you can stretch it a nice dozen of pink and red roses. But don't you dare show up empty handed on Valentine's Day!

Hop on over to the Diva of Tiny Foods for today's recipe for the Valentine's Day Menu.


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