Help me choose the Martini Recipes for my new Martini Book!

I am finally getting ready to put my first martini book together but I have a little problem - I have too many martini recipes for one book and have to choose from over 200 recipes I've created, collected and tweaked over the past few years.

I am creating a martini book that is, of course, chock full of my fun designer martini recipes (done up as fun recipe cards) as well as some short martini stories, my tips and tricks for making martinis, fun illustrations and a few surprises that will truly turn your cocktail time into a real Happy Hour of unique and delicious martinis and entertainment. The book will be a great handbook for your bar as well as a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Here's where you come in. I'm asking you to help me choose the martini recipes that will be included in my first book. I have every single one of my recipes posted on my RECIPE ARCHIVES PAGE at PopArtDiva.com and I'd like you to help me pick some of the most popular martini recipes I've posted.

You'll notice that some of my recipe cards still in the old formats and designs and some are now at a larger, high quality print resolution with new, fun graphics. I am currently converting all my recipe cards into higher resolutions for better print quality for the book and your choices will help me organize the order as well as decide which recipes to include in my first martini book!

Please drop me a comment here or e-mail me using the little envelope at the bottom of this post and tell me which of my martini recipes are your favorites. I will take the top martini choices and include them in the book.

Your readership and comments have helped make The Martini Diva one of the top martini sites on the Internet and I want to include you in the creation of what I hope to be one of the top martini books as well. I look forward to your choices, your comments and e-mails and I want to thank you for your continued support of The Martini Diva.

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