ST. PATRICK'S DAY MARTINIS - The Shillelagh Martini

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Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and here is my last martini before we all stuff ourselves with corned beef and cabbage and toast to the Emerald Isle!

The Shillelagh Martini is a gin based martini with an orange juice mix and a splash of Blue Curacao to turn it green for St. Patty's Day - the green sugar crystal rim will probably also turn your tongue green so if you forgot to wear green this might save you from getting pinched!

Just in case you didn't know: A Shillelagh is not a musical instrument! It is a walking stick and club traditionally made out of Blackthorn wood or Oak then rubbed with butter and placed in the chimney to cure giving the stick it's shiny, black color. It was originally used as a weapon in Irish Shillelagh Fighting (a form of Bataireacht - an Irish Martial Art) - which was a gentleman's practice similar to the duel.

See, you CAN learn something new every day!

Updated March 2016

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