White Wine Cherry Sangria Recipe

A Merry Marriage of Cherries and White Wine


1 Bottle of White Wine
(I used a nice Italian Pinot Grigio)
1 C. of Fresh Cherries, Pitted and Sliced
1 Orange, Cut into Segments
1/2 C. Sugar

Combine all the ingredients together and let them get acquainted for a minimum of a day.  I let mine congregate together for 2 days and the longer I left it, the deeper the color became indicating more of the cherries and oranges had dispersed within the wine.

I went back and forth about adding in some fresh herbs, but in the end decided this time just to keep it in the fruit family.  I do think tarragon would be nice and cardamom would be interesting too. Plus a splash of Prosecco would be a nice way to add some effervescence....

Feel free to add more or less sugar depending on your preferences.

Cheers, M'Dears and Enjoy!

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