7.2 Earthquake in BAJA? The BIG ONE Earthquake Martini!!

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Wow, boy howdy, today around 4 p.m. here in Southern California the earth rocked and rolled! There was a 7.2 earthquake in Baja, California that was felt as far away as Phoenix and I'll tell you it sure rocked my world! Right now, at 5:45 pm it seems as though everyone is safe, no major damage has occurred and the shaking has leveled off and no one was hurt.

I was getting ready to make some Easter Martinis but instead decided I needed a really SERIOUS GIANT SIZED MARTINI with extra chocolate and, of course, some Kahlua to honor Baja and to keep me awake for aftershocks!

So, I ran right over to the bar to make one for myself - after the shaking stopped in the world and in my body - and shook up some martini nerve medicine. I am now sitting under the table with my dog, my cat, my jewelry, a flashlight, the martini shaker, watching tv and drinking my cocktail.


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