Pineapple Orange Colada Martini - Give Them a Tropical Sendoff!


Last night I cooked dinner for a friend of mine who was getting up early to head off to C.E.S. (The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas) to oversee the stage production he designed for a very famous high tech firm's presentation. He had been working long and hard throughout the holidays and the next few days would be the culmination of all this hard work so the dinner was also a celebration.

For dinner I made coconut encrusted Tilapia, some wild rice and fresh steamed broccoli. For an appetizer I served my Garden Fresh Spring Rolls from The Diva of Tiny Foods. My martini of choice was this Pineapple Orange Colada Martini, perfect for the somewhat Asian/Hawaiian influenced flavors of the dinner.

The tropical flavors of orange, pineapple and coconut were the perfect partner to the Spring Rolls and a nice introduction to the light but tasty fish. However, I did one little change to the martinis I made last night - my friend prefers rum to vodka so I cut down on the amount of coconut milk (1/2 Oz. instead of 2 Ounces) and used Malibu Coconut Rum in place of the Citrus Vodka. Then I squeezed a splash of lime and tangerine juices in to replace the citrus note from the vodka! I left out the rum entirely for a virgin version for their teenage son.

The lesson here is - nothing is sacred! Not even The Martini Diva recipes, lol! Sometimes you have to be flexible - am I right?

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