The Desperate Valentine Martini is a cocktail for those of us without that 'special someone' to be our Valentine on February 14th. It's made with 3 vodkas AND coconut rum to help numb the lonely hearts of those alone on the most romantic day of the year.

It's really delicious - dangerously so! So only one of these and no driving anywhere! If you're so lonely you have two then don't even walk anywhere! Trust me, these go down way too easy.

For the lonely but brave out there I suggest a little anti-Valentine party to cheer yourself up too. First, click over to the Diva of Tiny Foods today and grab my recipe for Chocolate Fondue - chocolate is proven to bring your spirits up! Then get yourself a handful of darts, a nice big picture of that chubby little Gangsta of Love - Cupid - and play a little game of Valentine Voodoo on that fat little fertility fraud!

Warning - put the cat away before you start throwing darts if you've already had one of the Desperate Valentine Martinis.

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